Wellbeing Services

Wellington Vet Hospital | Australian Shepherd puppy


Microchipping is the only truly effective way of identifying your dog or cat should they go missing. Our microchips are about the size of a grain of rice, safe for your pets, and are a permanent method of electronic identification. 

Behaviour Advice

Our veterinarians investigate behavioural problems by obtaining a full history, conducting a physical examination, and undergoing any necessary testing to determine if there is an underlying condition. Behavioural problems are often the combined effect of many factors, including your pet’s environment and learning. We can help you implement a behavioural modification program for your pet including a holistic treatment plan.

Nutritional Advice

Nutrition is an important indicator of your pet's health and welfare. We can discuss any health, diet, or weight fluctuations during their examination and help you plan a diet to suit their age and lifestyle. Prescription diets may be required for patients with ongoing conditions.

Breeding Advice

Breeding can be very rewarding. It is however quite the adventure and a huge responsibility, and there is much to know before embarking on the journey. From the basics, to the more advanced, we can offer expert advice to minimise any risks or complications associated with breeding and raising little ones.

Grooming & Nail Clipping

Grooming and brushing is essential, particularly for long-haired breeds.We offer a full range of grooming, clipping and washing services for cats and dogs of all sizes and breeds.

Pet Food & Products

We have a range of pet food, parasite control, grooming and dental products available for purchase in clinic. Ask our friendly team about what products may be suitable for your pet.