Large Animal Services

Wellington Vet Hospital | Horse

Farm Inspections

Our team is dedicated to providing care for all animals, including horses, cattle, sheep and goats. We offer on-farm consultations and treatment for equine, and large production animals. During consultation we can help with, physical examinations, vaccinations, parasite control, nutritional advice and much more.

Herd Health & Nutritional Management

Our vets are well equipped to assess your production herd and assist with decisions regarding disease prevention, nutritional management and biosecurity. We provide farm management consultancy and monitoring services for farmers across health, nutrition, pasture management.

Bull Breeding Soundness Examination

A breeding soundness examination will measure reproductive potential of a given male. There are multiple indicators that are reviewed to assess fertility and the likelihood of your bull establishing pregnancy.

Pregnancy Testing

Pregnancy diagnosis is crucial in managing herd reproductive performance. We can perform both manual palpation and ultrasound pregnancy testing for cattle and horses, and ultrasound scan for sheep and goats. Alternatively, on-farm pregnancy blood testing is also available for your cow, mare, ewe, or nanny.

Advanced Reproduction Services

Our large animal veterinarians can assist with advanced breeding services including, artificial insemination programs for cattle and horses, bull semen collection and freezing, and bull breeding soundness examinations.

Equine Dentistry

Annual dental examinations are required for all horses to prevent periodontal disease. Early detection of an issue will allow our vets to treat and manage the problem before it leads to advanced health issues for your horse. Our equine dentistry consultation comprises a comprehensive oral examination and floating. Additionally we can perform treatment under sedation if required.

Gelding Procedures

Gelding is a routine procedure in equine practice and is normally performed between 6 and 12 months of age. All castrations are performed under general anaesthetic.

Clinical Pathology

Our highly trained staff have the ability and equipment to perform blood tests on site. Our facility is equipped with an in house pathology giving us fast and accurate results so we can diagnose and treat the problem.

Emergency Healthcare

We are happy to assist with urgent enquiries and management of emergencies during clinic hours. In some cases we may need to refer to a veterinary specialist centre or 24-hour emergency facility.