We have a vet on call 24 hours a day to treat any emergency cases. We treat everything from calvings to colics and offer an ambulatory service. 


Pregnancy Diagnosis

We perform pregnancy diagnosis     in both horses and cattle, using an ultrasound scanner. We are also qualified to age pregnancies in cows for tail tags

Bull Testing

  We offer bull testing prior to mating or sale.We assess the health and physical characteristics of the bull to determine their ability to serve a cow.We also examine the semen to assess quality, concentration, motility and morphology to determine their suitability to fertilise an egg.

Semen Morphology 

 Dr Hennie Strydom is one of the few qualified Semen Morphologists in Australia. He microscopically examines the individual sperm to identify any abnormalities which may result in decreased conception rates in your herd.

He also performs this service for other vets in the area.

Semen Freezing

For valuable bulls, we can freeze semen for use at a later date or for sale.

Artificial Insemination Programs

We provide comprehensive artificial insemination programs, including cow synchronisation and experienced vets to perform the insemination

Parasite Management Programs

We can develop tailored parasite management programs for your sheep flock to improve productivity and reduce losses due to parasites.

We start by performing a drench resistance test to develop a resistance profile for your farm, to ensure no money is wasted on ineffective drenches.

We can then advise you on the best times to drench and the best drench to use, based on the results of faecal egg counts.

We can also perform follow-up tests to ensure the drench has worked.


We regularly perform geldings of colts and stallions under general anaesthesia.


Brucellosis Accreditation Scheme

All our veterinarians are accredited to perform inspection for the Brucellosis Accreditation Scheme.

Laparoscopic Artificial Insemination of Sheep

We perform laparoscopic AI of sheep to increase conception rates

in valuable flocks.

Micronutrient Testing

Deficiencies in micronutrients such as selenium and copper can effect productivity within your flock or herd. At Wellington Veterinary Hospital, we offer micronutrient testing via blood samples or liver biopsies to determine if your flock requires supplementation.

Reproductive Management of Horses

We provide a complete reproductive service for mares and stallions.

We manage pregnancies, from scanning mares to determine the ideal service time, to pregnancy scanning and management of any complications.

We also perform stallion soundness exams.

Branding and Microchipping of Horses

We perform brandings of horses to aid in identification. We also microchip horses for registration with different equine societies.


 Equine Dental Care

Dental problems are common in older horses, often resulting in poor digestion of food and weight loss. Regular dental checks and floating by the vet to remove sharp edges can eliminate these problems.

We can also provide sedation for horses that require it to improve safety for both horses and handlers.